E Learning teaches character education, self-esteem, math & reading skills, as well as State Test Taking Skills.

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Complete lesson plans, study guides, and pop quizzes for every interactive learning topic.

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Between Your Ears Entertainment Launches New E-Learning Media Division

Los Angeles, CA (November, 2008) - Between Your Ears Media is a new educational division of Between Your Ears Entertainment. By utilizing this new online e-learning curriculum service schools across the world can access bilingual counseling videos featuring The Morris Brothers, as well as additional characters with the touch of a finger on any computer.

All videos are available in English and Spanish to schools and faculties online by using the Internet to harness the newest e-learning tools. All 1-11minute videos will be streamed to elementary schools worldwide via a broadband E-learning portal. Each character series will be live action, animated, educational and entertaining covering topics such as self-esteem, character education, drug prevention, interpersonal & social skills, math & reading skills and life development skills. Each video will also incorporate interactive lesson plans, reference materials, pop quizzes and FAQs

What does this mean for the instructional leader?
1. No more stress of creating lesson plans. We have done it for you!
2. No more stress of paperwork. It's all online!
3. New videos are added monthly to our online library, free of charge to your school.
4. Every teacher can access the online library at the same time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
6. A one-year curriculum subscription is $249 per campus, OR $179 if combined with a live school assembly. Also, $69 for one-month access for specialized times on the calendar.

The service features media channels containing different casts of characters to introduce the educational and entertaining content, such as The Morris Brothers, The Friencils, Field Trips, Fun Facts, Did You Know? and much more.

About Between Your Ears Entertainment
Headquartered in Los Angeles, as an innovative pioneer in the children's educational marketplace, Between Your Ears Entertainment, LLC aims to entertain and educate children across a variety of media platforms. Utilizing The Morris Brothers property, as well as new content in development, Between Your Ears Entertainment focuses on FCC family-friendly content packaged as direct-to-school media streamed online, direct-to-home DVD, retail merchandise, book publishing, live action/animation adventure TV series, and the live Let's Unite the Nation concert tour in school systems, concert halls and family events across the country.
Mark Culbertson - CEO
Between Your Ears Media
(800) 326-5917 Ext. 102