E Learning teaches character education, self-esteem, math & reading skills, as well as State Test Taking Skills.

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Complete lesson plans, study guides, and pop quizzes for every interactive learning topic.

What is video streaming?
Video streaming is the delivery of video over the Internet to your computer. Streaming media is e-learning technology that enables real-time or on-demand distribution of audio, video and multimedia via the Internet. Streaming media is the simultaneous transfer of digital media, such as video, voice and data, so that it is received as a continuous real-time stream.
Is training available?
Our training department coordinates schedules and conducts all trainings via web demonstration and one on one phone support. Some how-to tutorials will be available on the website.
Are the video topics researched based?
All topics and curriculum are derived from researched based material available to our staff of resource teachers and Licensed Professional Counselors. Once our staff has prepared the curriculum then our world class production / animation department creates and delivers all videos in Spanish & English to the online library.
What are the available counseling video topics?
The current digital on-demand counseling video topics are:

  • Bullying
  • Character Education
  • Drug Prevention
  • State Test Taking Skills
  • Math and Reading skills
  • Fun Facts
  • Safety
  • Wellness
  • And more
  • What are Media Channels?
    Just like viewing channels, with different shows, on your television; Between Your Ears Entertainment uses media channels to introduce different characters & properties. Once you have clicked into your favorite media channel for The Morris Brothers, the Friencils or any other property / characters, then your students can view all of the available videos in that channel featuring their favorite characters and stories.
    What are your different subscription models?
    We currently have 3 very flexible subscription models to meet each schools individual budget. Our premium yearly subscription for grades K-8 schools is $249 per school. Our Bundled subscription is $179 per school, which gives any school a 30% discount for bundling a school assembly with the purchase of the yearly premium subscription service. And finally for the most limited of budgets, any school can subscribe to our 1 month package which is $69 per school. This package is perfect for the school that wants to use our curriculum during specific times in the year. Any 1 month purchase can also be upgraded to a premium yearly package at any time...
    Yearly Subscription
    Our premium video package featuring unlimited yearly access in Spanish & English.
    Bundled Subscription
    Receive 30% off our yearly subscription package when bundled with a live school assembly.
    Monthly Subscription
    Our premium video package in Spanish & English for 1 month only.
    How do I Purchase a Subscription Package?
    A school can purchase any subscription package by calling their Regional Account Executive at (800) 326-5917. If you have more questions, please contact us. A school can also place an order by logging on to our website and purchase using our simple easy-to-use electronic registration system. A school can purchase using (1) school check, (2) purchase order or (3) credit card, you can be activated the same day you subscribe... Purchase Now.
    Are the Morris Brothers available for live school assemblies?
    Yes, The Morris Brothers are available either through our digital E-Learning videos or live school assemblies. Please contact the main number at (800) 326-5917, ask for your Regional Account Executive.
    Will additional digital E-Learning video titles be added during the year?
    Yes, Between Your Ears Media will be constantly producing and adding to the online library 20-50 titles per year for all current and new media channels, in both Spanish & English. E-Newsletters and emails will be used to notify existing customers of any new videos added throughout the year. There will be no cost to any premium subscribers for these new titles.

    Can I get a district wide discount?
    Yes, all district wide discounts are based on the entire district's schools, grades (k-2) (3-5) (6-8), participating in Between Your Ears Media E-Learning product.

    What requirements do I need to view video content?
    The E-Learning titles will be streamed using Internet explorer. A broadband connection will be necessary as well.