E Learning teaches character education, self-esteem, math & reading skills, as well as State Test Taking Skills.

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Complete lesson plans, study guides, and pop quizzes for every interactive learning topic.

About Us
Headquartered in Los Angeles CA , Between Your Ears Entertainment is an Emmy Award-winning multi-media production company committed to the education of children across the world. Success was first achieved with their flagship entertainment property, The Morris Brothers, through a partnership with the FOX Kids Network. 300 thirty-and sixty-second FCC-compliant family-friendly interstitials were created, produced & aired in daily rotation on FOX TV. They are humorous, entertaining, educational and feature such topics on health, nutrition, science, history fun facts and more. More media content is being created for grades Pk - 8 featuring both animated and live action characters.

The goal of our digital video content is to assist students in the building of interpersonal & life development skills that will help them achieve their greatest potential. All videos are hosted by The Morris Brothers & feature an entertaining cast of characters all created with children in mind. Each digital video title incorporates:

  • Interpersonal & life development skills encouraged with creative, entertaining characters
  • All curriculum designed by Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Lesson plans & themed study guides
  • Assessment test questions
  • Reference materials
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • U-Choose Programming - A video series that will incorporate multiple-ending consequences encouraging class discussion.
  • Bullying
  • Character Education
  • Drug Prevention
  • State Test Taking Skills
  • Math and Reading Skills
  • Fun Facts
  • And more